Things To Consider About Your Personal Finances

Managing your personal finances is getting harder and harder to do these days because of the economy and maybe the lack of a job. With prices going up on almost everything you purchase you really need to get a handle on your personal finances.

To start with you will need to plan out a budget that you and your family can stick with. You don’t want to make a budget that is unreal and you want be able to follow during the month. This type of budget will not help you. If need be start out small and build your budget slowly.

The number one thing that causes people to not follow a budget is their spending habits. With a budget you are not able to spend your money on non-essential items. You can’t have everything you want. You should only purchase items that you really need and not what you want.

Spending your hard earned money on non-essential items before you pay your bills will get you into trouble real fast. Always make a habit of paying your bills first and then if you have money left over you can use that money to buy your leisurely items. Paying your bills on time each month will help keep your credit record in good standing.

Using coupons to purchase your every day items is a great way to save a lot of money each month. The money you save doing this can be put into a savings account or to pay off your credit cards sooner. Paying off high interest credit cards with the extra money will save you money in the long run. Plus it will get your personal finances in good shape sooner.

It is so easy to get a credit card that many people have more than they really need. A person really only needs one credit card to use in an emergency or to reserve a hotel room or for car rentals. But today people carry around with them more than one and normally each person has about five credit cards in the wallet or purse. Having them on you is what gets you into trouble because when you see something that you want and not need you are more likely to purchase the item even though you really don’t need it. Doing this over time gets those credit cards balances up and then your monthly payment is more and that gets your finances into a bad situation.

You need to try and save some money each month to put into a savings account for those unexpected emergencies. If you have to start with just five dollars a month then so be it. You can increase the amount as your finances improve. Just get into a habit of saving each month.

I do believe that getting into debt is one of the easiest things to do. You get so many credit card offers in the mail during the month that it makes it so easy to sign up for one and then start using it. Bigger items that can get you into debt includes buying a house, car, boat or maybe an RV for going on that vacation each year. Whatever the item it doesn’t matter. If you are not careful on what you are purchasing and the number of items you can get yourself into debt really fast. You may start off with one item and then before you know it you have too many to keep up with the monthly payments. Don’t let this happen.

Doing things like this will ruin your credit rating and put you and your family into financial trouble. This causes a lot of marriages to fail because of getting into debt that you are not able to handle.

Managing your personal finances may be harder this day and age but you can do it. It will take more effort on you and your family to accomplish this but it will one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

Starting Home Business

Notice all the “Starting Home Business” posts you have been receiving? Are you interested in starting a business from home? You should be! Why? Because big business has failed us. Not only have they failed us, they don’t seem to “Get” that they failed us. We hear that the worst is over, then a friend calls that they have just been laid-off or we see the sign”Starting Home Business.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love business. However, I love small home based businesses not BIG bureaucratic businesses. In business school these days they seem to be teaching students more about how to manipulate the system rather than why business exists or what makes a business last. The education system in the United States has produced a whole new breed of Business School trained executives, whose loyalty is to finance and the manipulation of investments; who feel no obligation to be familiar with a company’s employees, product, manufacturing process or customers. There are exceptions, however, normally BIG equals bureaucracy and bureaucracy equals mediocrity.

Why do I bring all this negative “stuff” up? Because I want you to understand that you can put up your sign “Starting Home Business” and succeed when you care about your customers, community, family and friends. Caring is one of the building blocks to your success.

So how do you start your home business?

Go get a hand held mirror.

Bring it back with you to this computer screen, look into and say:

“As of this moment forward I am an independent home business owner.
My business is helping others find financial security and freedom.
I am starting part-time while I continue with my current position.”

Congratulations, you have taken the hardest step in starting a business from home.

You will note that I am suggesting that your business “is helping others find financial security and freedom.” I’m not suggesting that you start a business that requires a substantial investment like purchasing a franchise or producing products. In fact, I’m suggesting your home business be a people to people business. I believe that this is the type of business that provides you with the greatest opportunity for success with the least amount of risk.

Today, due to technical advances and the online revolution, doing business person-to-person is not in vogue. You hear about the thousands of dollars to be made by becoming an online affiliate. There are people making a lot of money online, however, affiliate marketing is very difficult for the novice or newbie as you will be called. A great deal of the money being made online is being made by experienced online marketers, sometimes called super-affiliates, selling their secrets to new affiliates and newbies. Much of the advice is good, however, I personally believe that the best home business to start is a person-to-person networking business.

What do you do next? Let everyone know by posting your “Starting Home Business” sign. Be flexible, open to change, aware of the opportunities that the universe presents to you – every day. Its scary! I know most likely you were not taught anything about business in high school or college. What I do know is that once you change, that is change your attitude about your home business, you will never turn back. Decide what type of people to people business you want to become involved with.

Also, it is very important that you understand that business can be fun? That’s right, FUN! Ever thought that it would be fun to be in business with your friends and people you enjoyed rather than strangers that you are thrown together with because of a paycheck? When you leverage your income with the income of your friends, family and associates, it’s fun. That’s what networking home based businesses are all about. And you can start a home based business with very little up front capital. When I say very little, I mean less than $50.

Have you considered starting a networking business? What questions do you feel people would like answered about opening a networking business? Post your questions to me.

Sometimes people take a short term view of their home based business. At times, on the Internet and in network marketing, I see people who view selling as taking advantage of others for a short term gain. Don’t do that! Don’t prey on each other, help each other. Find yourself a good company and build your business with it. Help others while you help yourself.